As people embark on the journey of Ayurveda, they realize that good health is related most directly and proportionately to proper life style including diet and state of mind.

Ayurveda teaches that the body has the capability for self-healing and through this the processes of physical deterioration and disease can be reduced.

The challenge we face today is that even when eating supposedly nutrient-rich foods, up to 70% of the nutrient value is lost through harvesting, transporting, processing, packaging and exhaustion of nutrients in our farmland.

We no longer battle infectious diseases as we did in previous generations. Infectious diseases have been replaced with degenerative diseases that are largely man made and are the primary cause of oxidative damage to our cells.

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner I am committed to use the principles of Ayurveda to assist the sick individual become well and teach the knowledge to empower my clients to stay healthy.

I have always believed in supplementation for myself and my family and have benefited from USANA products for years.

As my Ayurvedic practice grew I researched how high quality supplementation can provide life changing benefits for my clients. Adopting USANA as a product partner was a natural choice.

USANA is a company led by a scientist with a vision to help make people healthy around the world. The founder of the company is Dr. Wentz, an acclaimed scientist and recipient of the Albert Einstein Award.

Much like Ayurveda, Dr. Wentz believes in the body’s incredible ability to heal itself, if it receives the right nutrients in the correct amounts and ratios.

USANA manufactures the highest rated health products right here in the USA.

If you are curious about the nutrients you need for your body, for your lifestyle, for your stage of life, contact me for a consultation.

Ayurveda (Science of Life) & USANA (True Health) are the perfect balance of ancient wisdom and modern science.