Take a Time In

“Take a Time In!”

When was the last time you did something just for yourself? When you gave yourself permission to be with yourself with no distractions. If you are like many people your answer may very well be never. These days any chance we have to be alone is filled with our “have to’s” like cleaning out emails, checking FaceBook and Instagram, catching up on office work, or completing even one of those many things on your growing to-do list.
What if there was a way to turn those “have to’s” into enjoyable, even inspired moments?
As davidji, my mentor and teacher would say, “Take a Time In!” This is what you need so that you can be at your best and be your authentic self.

Try practicing a 5-minute TIME-IN right now. Get comfortable wherever you are, not if you’re driving though! Sit in silence with your eyes closed and just watch your breath.essential-ayurveda-whales-breathing.jpg 
Take a Long Slow Deep breath in.
Watch the breath as it moves into your nostrils, observe it as it moves into the back of your throat, into your chest and into your belly.
Now slowly gently release the breath.
Feel it move from your chest to your throat, and release through your nostrils.
Follow your breath In and Out.
If you drift away from your breath to a thought, sound, or physical sensation, gently remember to come back to your breath.
Remember that having thoughts is OK and we all have a new thought every 1.4 seconds.
Slowly open your eyes. After connecting to stillness and silence, you are calmer, more aware and perhaps smiling as you think about the next item on your list.

About the author - Jim McDonell teaches Meditation and is certified through the davidji Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training program. Jim is the Business Manager for Essential Ayurveda.