Meditation with Jim

jim-mcdonell-pic-1a.jpgJim is a 40-year veteran of the telecom industry and he’s been what his wife calls “re-purposed” as a meditation teacher.

Jim began meditating in 1976 to help him prepare for engineering exams. Later in life he adopted a more consistent meditation practice and realized he was a better listener, managed stressful situations more easily, and was a better partner with his wife. He had a gut feeling there was more to learn, and maybe, something he needed to share with others.
The davidji Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training program ignited his journey inward and with it the realization that his path is to share these ancient teachings in a modern way.

Jim attended his first yoga class in 2005 and was hooked. After spending years going to health clubs he was surprised to find that Yoga can be a full body workout and doubly pleased when his lower back pain disappeared. Over time he came to realize that Yoga also provided stress relief from his corporate job and raising teenagers.certifiedteacherlogo-cirlce.jpg
He took Hatha Yoga teacher training at Akasha Yoga for the personal purpose of really understanding Yoga and Asana. Jim soon found he wanted to share his enthusiasm for yoga and humor in his classes.


In addition to guiding classes in mediation and yoga, Jim is the business manager for Essential Ayurveda, a holistic healthcare product company owned by his wife Monique.


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