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Joint Balm | 1 oz / 2 oz

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"I've strained myself too. Sometimes at Yoga I overdo it and darn I should know better by now.
I'm an Ayurvedic Practitioner so when I found an authentic recipe from India I was thrilled! I tweaked it so it really absorbed and didn't stain my cloths.
Overnight the infused herbs soothed my joints and I'm like new the next day!"

These herbs really do the trick - The next day you won't be washing dishes with one hand or limping around the office.
Check out details on the restoring properties of these herbs on my website. Look for Essential Information from Monique.

My husband religiously uses the joint balm on his feet especially after Yoga. 
In his younger days he did martial arts and now has problems with his big toes.
He says the added bonus is that it also gets rid of his athletes foot.

Review from Jill ~ "BTW your Magic Monique Salve (or whatever you call it) worked wonders on my knee. Thanks!"

Ayurvedic Energetics:
Joint Balm is a nourishing salve made from organic & wildcrafted Ayurvedic herbs and oils.
Massaging achy joints with Joint Balm improves circulation and contributes to the removal of toxins and the supply of healthful nutrients.
The base of sesame and castor oil help lubricate the joint and aid the natural blessings within Nirgundi, Guduchi, Ashwagandha, and Guggulu, nourish us.

Lovely light minty smell.

Recommended Use:
Massage into the area of discomfort.
Use at night so that you feel the benefits in the morning.
Use during the day for ongoing relief.

Ingredients Common Names:
Unrefined Caster Oil⸙, Unrefined Organic Sesame Oil⸙, Carnauba Wax⸙, Wild Crafted Nirgundi Leaves⸙⸙, Organic Ashwagandha Root⸙, Organic Guduchi Stem⸙, Organic Frankincense Resin⸙, Cayenne Pepper⸙, Organic Licorice Root⸙, Organic Guggulu Resin⸙, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil⸙, Wintergreen Essential Oil⸙.
⸙=Organic, ⸙⸙=Wild Crafted

Ingredients Scientific Names:
Unrefined Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil⸙, Unrefined Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil⸙, Copernica Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax⸙, Vitex Negundo (Nirgundi) Leaves⸙⸙, Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha) Root⸙, Tinospora Cordifolia (Guduchi) stem⸙, Boswellia (Frankincense) Resin⸙, Capsicum annuum (Cayenne) Pepper⸙, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root⸙, Commiphora Mukul (Guggulu) Resin⸙, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Essential Oil⸙, Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen) Essential Oil⸙.
⸙=Organic, ⸙⸙=Wild Crafted

Made by:
Essential Ayurveda
St. Augustine Florida


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Customer Reviews

17 reviews

  • 4

    Quick acting balm

    Posted by Cindy on 26th Jan 2022

    Enjoy the relief from stiffness when applied Softens skin and great fragrance

  • 5


    Posted by Lynda schaedel on 19th Jan 2022

    I love the care that goes into making all of her products!!! I use this during my flare ups from RA, Balm lasts doesn't take much!!!

  • 5

    Joint Balm

    Posted by Marty on 31st May 2021

    I used this balm for the first time yesterday. I rubbed it into my sore thumb joints. I’m very pleased with how the balm soothed the stiffness and ache in my thumbs.

  • 5

    Joint balm

    Posted by Mary on 6th May 2021

    I use both the joint and bengal balm. Really can't tell the difference --they both seem to work my sore muscles and joints.

  • 5

    Joint Balm

    Posted by Peggy on 29th Jul 2020

    Soothing and works great

  • 5

    I can't live without it.

    Posted by Carol G. on 20th Aug 2018

    I woke up in the middle of the night and my arthritis was killing me. I went over to my bedside table, took out the little jar of Joint Balm, put in on and it worked right away! It was really soothing. I can't live without it.

  • 5

    Very grateful for you sharing your product

    Posted by Donna on 3rd Jul 2018

    I met you last Saturday at the yoga center open house. I purchased a joint cream for my dad and his arthritis. I provided Reiki as I applied it on Monday and told him to use it at night before bed also. Wanted to report he feels improvement. I am very grateful for you sharing your product and knowledge with me.

  • 5

    Joint balm - for your nose!

    Posted by Jim on 13th Feb 2018

    A few days ago I got a pimple inside my nose. Not sure how many people get this but darn is it ever painful! Before bed I decided to rub a bit of Joint balm in my nose. It felt great and cleared my sinuses. The best thing is the next morning the pimple was gone! Such a relief!! Thank you Monique!

  • 4

    Joint Balm

    Posted by Michelle Ruben on 9th Jan 2018

    Definitely helps the joints move better and be less stiff!

  • 5

    Magic Monique Salve

    Posted by Jill - Ilinois on 26th Jan 2016

    BTW your Magic Monique Salve (or whatever you call it) worked wonders on my knee. Thanks!

  • 5

    Joint Cream Saves the Day!

    Posted by Joyce - Illinois on 26th Jan 2016

    Wow. What a terrific product. While enjoying a bike ride while at the Usana International Convention, I managed to injure my shin on my right leg. Within minutes of banging my leg on a metal tube on the bike my leg began to swell to the size of a kiwi. Fortunately, I was with Monique who had her Joint Cream with her. She applied the cream and gave me a supply for the balance of the trip. Best part, within 12 hours of incurring the injury, the swelling was down and I was ready for the next day of training. Thx Monique. Extra Note - I stopped using it for a bit and the swelling returned. Then, I started again. And, voila swelling went down.

  • 5

    This stuff works!

    Posted by Rosemarie on 29th Nov 2015

    Felt less pain in a matter of a few days.

  • 5

    A wonderful soothing effect

    Posted by Frédéric on 8th Nov 2015

    I can feel there was a lot of care ans good craftmanship put into the making of this product, and it shows ! This is about the best and most efficient joints pain relief balm I've been using ! It melts right into the skin, leaving a wonderful soothing feeling in its wake. And the effect is lasting ! I had a pain in one of my knee for a couple of months, ans it was starting to be a real problem walking for more than a mile, when I found this balm. I started using it at night, before bedtime, and in a matter of days the pain was just a shadow of itself. In less than a week, it had become so faint I barely noticed it anymore, and that effect lasted until the end of the day. I've been using it for a month, so now I'm going to see if it also works for my computer-induced tendinitis at my elbow :) As always, Monique has been over-helpful and super-friendly over this order, which was delivered in a flash ! Her help is truly deeply appreciated !

  • 5

    Soothes Pain

    Posted by Lesley on 16th Sep 2015

    My husband used it on his elbow joint, as he's been suffering from some form of tendentious. He love it!

  • 5

    Wanted to report he feels improvement.

    Posted by Donna S. Shorewood, WI on 1st Mar 2015

    Hi Monique I met you last Saturday at the yoga center open house. I purchased a joint cream for my dad and his arthritis. I provided Reiki as I applied it on Monday and told him to use it at night before bed also. Wanted to report he feels improvement. I am very grateful for you sharing your product and knowledge with me.

  • 5

    Great for stiffness in my hands

    Posted by Chris O. - Algonquin on 11th Sep 2013

    I use this cream on my hands when I get stiffness and pain from using the computer too much and after chopping in the kitchen. It works very well for stiffness and pain so I will continue to use it. I have also used it on my knees at night and it has worked there, also.

  • 5

    Pain free!

    Posted by Chris E. - Brisbane Australia on 30th Jul 2013

    I've been using this product as needed for several months. I have some joint pain from osteoarthritis in my hands and as a legacy from an earlier knee surgery. On days when I've done too much, my joints ache when I get into bed. I've found this cream really effective for eliminating the pain. It usually takes about 10 minutes to feel relief, or 20 minutes on a really bad day. I've been giving it as gifts since I discovered how effective it was, and friends and family have been similarly impressed. Don't expect it to work on general muscle aches thgh...I think there are more effective remedies for that sort of pain. This cream is now a standard part of my first aid kit.

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