• Essential Ayurveda Bare Restoring Lip Balm

    Bare Restoring Lip Balm | .15 oz

    It is so hard to find a Lip Balm that doesn't have Essential Oils.My lips are especially sensitive to the floral and fruity aromas in nearly all Lip Balms.Most people aren't aware that the ultra-thin layer of skin on our lips doesn't have oil glands.Bare...
  • Bengal-Balm-Front-1oz-Essential-Ayurveda Bengal-Balm-Front-2oz-Essential-Ayurveda

    Bengal Balm | 1 oz / 2 oz

    My Mothers Day yard cleanup is a tradition I LOVE! It's the first day in the year I get to play in my garden. But I feel it the next day from using muscles I haven't used all winter.  I'm an Ayurvedic Practitioner and wanted a natural balm with no...
  • Essential Ayurveda Dreamland Oil Essential Ayurveda Dreamland Oil Open

    Dreamland Oil | 10 ml

    When stuff is going crazy and my mind can't stop, I just can't sleep. I can handle missing work because I'm a wreck from not getting any sleep, but there is no way I want to miss wine with my ladies after work. Dreamland Oil with the Ayurvedic herb...
  • Joint-Balm-Front-1oz-Essential-Ayurveda Joint-Balm-Front-2oz-Essential-Ayurveda

    Joint Balm | 1 oz / 2 oz

    I've strained myself too. Sometimes at Yoga I overdo it and darn I should know better by now. I'm an Ayurvedic Practitioner so when I found an authentic recipe from India I was thrilled! I tweaked it so it really absorbed and didn't stain my cloths...
  • Essential Ayurveda Restoring Lip Balm

    Restoring Lip Balm | .15 oz

    I was skiing this weekend and the lip balm I used just didn't work! My friend gave me a tube of Restoring Lip Balm and Halleluiah, whatever is in that lip balm really works. What's great is that Restoring Lip Balm is a smooth moisturizing base for my...
  • Essential Ayurveda Scrapes & Bruises 1oz Front Scrapes & Bruises | 1 oz

    Scrapes & Bruises | 1 oz

    I love the beaches in Mexico, especially when it's -12F in Chicago. But after sipping Margaretas at a Cantina on the beach, the sand fleas got my legs and they itched like crazy! I tried cures from the internet with no luck:(  I never thought my...