Fenugreek – Crazy good for your hair

Just Google “Fenugreek benefits for hair” and it’s amazing what comes up! Hair Restoration, Hair Loss, Hair Building. It’s often not on the label, but it turns out that Fenugreek is a ‘secret ingredient’ in the manufacture of hair packs, serums and elixirs.alpaca-essential-ayurveda.jpeg

Here is what I do know though, my Auntie’s Hair Oil is an old family recipe given to me by a friend from India. And yes of course it uses Fenugreek!

Now here’s why!

Fenugreek is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, and iron and Vitamins A, K, & C.


Vitamin B3 - Supplies oxygen to hair roots

Beta-carotene - Natural hair conditioner

Lecithin - Hydrates the hair and gives it a natural shine

Mucilage – Allows you to detangle your hair easily after a wash

Phytosterols and phytoestrogens - Can prevent hair loss, dandruff and split ends

My Auntie’s Hair Oil is our only product that uses Fenugreek, but while you’re looking check out the Beard Balm, your husband will love it!