Question - Does Essential Ayurveda use water or water-based ingredients in the deodorants or in any of the body care products?
Answer – No. The Essential Ayurveda deodorants and body care products are classed as anhydrous products and as such do not require preservatives to prevent contamination.

Question – Why do some body care products (not Essential Ayurveda) include water?
Answer – Whipping oil and water is an easy way to create a cream.

Question – Are there potential issues with using water in a body care product?
Answer – Yes. When water is included in products, the product runs the risk of contamination. To prevent contamination preservatives are then required to be added into the product. In many products it is the preservatives which are the chemicals we are putting into our bodies.

Question – Does Essential Ayurveda use Vitamin E oil in Deodorants or in any of the body care products?
Answer – No. The reason for this is because most Vitamin E oil is derived from Soy.

Question – Why is there an issue with using Vitamin E oil derived from Soy in body care products?
Answer – There continues to be much controversy concerning the effect of Soy and breast cancer, Soy and menstruation, Soy and testosterone, and much more. Do your own search to find out more.