Digestive Tea | Digestion – Food Combining for health

Digestion – Food Combining for health
Ayurveda teaches us that disease starts in the gut and maintaining the well-being of our digestive system is the most important way to ensure optimal health. 

Eating meals with improper food combinations has perhaps the biggest impact on our digestive health. essential-ayurveda.jpgIn Ayurveda, it is believed that certain food combinations create imbalances and Ama (toxins) in the body and mind.

Ayurvedic recommendations for food combining can be extensive so I am recommending two general rules that can have a significant impact on your digestion and are easy to follow.
#1 - Do not combine fruit with dairy, yogurt, protein or other carbohydrates. 
#2 - Fruit should be eaten at least 30 minutes before or after protein or other carbohydrates.

There are times when our digestion needs a little help. This is when I turn to my Digestive Tea.
Here is my recipe for a tea which is soothing and calming for the tummy.

Digestive Tea
½ cup Rose Buds
½ cup Rose Petals
2 Tbsp. Spearmint Leaves
½ cup of Fennel Seeds
40 Cardamom Pods (cracked using a mortar and pestle)
1 tsp per cup