Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Every day we make a multitude of decisions. Big decisions, small decisions, kneejerk decisions. Decisions needed just to keep up with the day, our partner, our job, our kids, our life.decision-essential-ayurveda.jpg

But how often do we regret the decisions we’ve made? When we made a decision that was not based on love and hope and happiness. Or we have a memory of a decision that pops into our minds months later causing that yukky feeling in our stomach.

So how do we learn to pause, just for a moment, just time enough for another thought, a more thoughtful thought, to rise within us. How can we create a habit where our best self comes to the surface, that self where when we look back we nod out head and smile and say “I got it right this time”?

Our mind is a muscle we can train, no differently than learning to dance, use a power tool or sew. In meditation, we train our mind to watch for the moment between our thoughts and the object of our attention.

Over time the ability to see that “moment” in our meditation comes into our daily awareness and our decisions shift from being reactive to responding and from being reflexive to being reflective.

We encourage you to explore meditation, find an app, find a teacher, and if you want to go deep take the leap and learn from a master, take the davidji Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training program.