June-05-2019 – Now what?

June-05-2019 – Now what?

It may just happen one morning, you wake up and look over your shoulder at those moments in your past, and then look into the future, and wonder now what?

What’s the meaning of what I’ve done and what does my future hold in store?

The thought sticks with you, stays with you, age or IQ or accomplishments have nothing to do with why its in your mind now.

It happened to me toward the end of my career in tech. I felt there was more, but different.

Call it chance or circumstance but information on davidji crossed my path and kept circling and then I knew I must meet the man, I had to learn from him.

It was a little bit surreal when I jumped and committed to davidji teacher training, because I’d never really done anything like that.

And yes it’s called teacher training, but I had no plans to teach meditation, I needed to learn to be a student, to find out who else I could be.

I have to say that today I have a different trajectory, I’m still in tech and consult, I share what I’ve learned about meditation, and I continue to be the student when we talk about how we shape our destiny and our lives.

If the thought “Now What” is sticking with you, maybe it’s time to jump.

davidji’s teacher training honors every tool, technology, and body of knowledge that can help you quiet the fluctuations of the mind and achieve deeper meaning, purpose, peace, and fulfillment in your life. If this calls to you, take my advice and do it!!!

Learn more, click HERE

Join me on Wednesday at noon and we’ll talk about the Power of Action, and we’ll meditate. See you at Akasha Yoga in Crystal Lake IL!

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5th Jun 2019 Jim McDonell

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