Ayurvedic 6 Stages of Disease

6 Stages of Disease – Don’t wait for #6
Watching the Heal documentary inspired me to share the Ayurvedic 6 Stages of Disease. It is vitally important to keep our Dosha balanced so that it does not progress into disease.
#1 Initial stageessential-ayurveda-tree.jpg
Imbalance is situated in the gastrointestinal tract and is best treated with diet. This stage is relatively minor and often the body’s own wisdom corrects the imbalance.
#2 Buildup stage
If balance is not restored, toxicity (ama) spreads into the circulatory system. Symptoms at this stage are a sense of being mildly uncomfortable. Most of us ignore these symptoms or suppress them with over-the-counter medications.
#3 Spreading stage
Toxins journey through the main circulatory systems of the body causing additional symptoms. These symptoms often become chronic.
#4 Accumulation stage
This is when toxins, after moving through the circulatory system, find a weak spot and settle. According to Ayurveda this is the beginning of actual disease.
#5 Manifestation Stage
At this stage western medicine will give a patient a clinical diagnosis. The actual structure of the tissues begins to break down making it difficult to reverse the progression of the disease.
#6 Complications Stage
The tissue is severely damaged and may begin to affect the surrounding tissues resulting in additional complications.

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