Ayurveda & Aromatherapy - Create a Healing Scent for your Dosha

This workshop
provides a brief introduction to Ayurveda and the Doshas, gives an overview of the properties of many oils and an explanation on how to create a balanced scent.
This is a hands on workshop where you will create your own healing scent. Be prepared to play!
This is a great workshop to have as a house party especially for teenage girls or a fun ladies night!
The workshop usually lasts approximately 2 hours.

Contact me to discuss details.

What is a Dosha
How to Determine your Dosha
Learn the energetics of the oils
Learn the essential oils that are best for your Dosha
Learn to blend essential oils combining:
   Top, Middle & Base notes to create a balanced healing scent
   A scent can be based on 3 oils but usually consists of 4 to 5 oils.

Items provided:
“Moon Water”, yes I get it shipped directly from the moon!!
Premium vodka essential in making the scent.
4oz. blue glass scent bottle and sprayer.
Essential Oils needed to create your healing scent.

Floracopeia Oils for the Class:
Floracopeia is my supplier for essential oils; their oils are ecofriendly, economical and of the highest quality. 
Floracopeia was established to support these important goals: 
1. To economically support and uplift ecological farmers around the world by purchasing their high-quality aromatic products. 
2. To support preservation of rainforests by purchasing aromatic products from sustainable agroforestry projects.
3. To lower the cost of top-grade essential oils, attars, hydrosols, and natural perfume ingredients by bringing them directly from distillers to retail customers.
4. To provide education about the medicinal, ecological, economic, and spiritual benefits of medicinal and aromatic plants, in the form of workshops, multi-media events, meditation retreats, and publications.
5. To help preserve and promote traditional and indigenous ethno-botanical knowledge of medicinal and aromatic plants and their uses.