Ashwagandha – The West’s, new 3000-year-old herb!

Ashwagandha – The West’s, new 3000-year-old herb!
Ayurveda is well known for its use of plant based ingredients in a wide variety of salves, balms, pastes and treatments. The leaves, fruit, roots and seeds of Ashwagandha have long been used by Ayurveda for its precious therapeutic properties. essential-ayurveda-woman.png
At Essential Ayurveda we appreciate the powerful properties Ashwagandha contributes to our balms!

Western science is beginning to appreciate the curative values of Ashwagandha with many medical research studies showing its positive benefits.
Anti-inflammatory: Reducing inflammation
Anti-arthritic: Effective in relief of joint pain
Anti-bacterial: Inhibiting the growth of bacteria
Anti-aging: Reduces cell deterioration while promoting cell regeneration
Cancer fighting: Antioxidant properties can protect the skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells
Sun damage repair: Antioxidants can stimulate blood flow in the skin to encourage growth of new cells
Reduces effects of stress: Helps maintain proper levels of cortisol

Essential Ayurveda products which include Ashwagandha are:
Joint Balm
Bengal Balm
Scrapes & Bruises
Lip Balm
Skin Rescue