Are you stumbling on your path? Where is your attention and intention?

From the dictionary: Attention - the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important. Intention - a thing intended; an aim or plan.rocky-path-essential-ayurveda.jpeg

Attention has to do with our short-term thoughts and intention has to do with our long-term thoughts.

This seems straightforward but what can happen is that in our daily lives we mix up where we place our attention and intention and don’t get the results we want or expect.

Consider two people walking on a rocky path to a secluded lake.

Tom sets his intention on reaching the lake safely and has his attention on the path navigating around the obstacles in his way.

Joe sets his intention on safely walking the path and has his attention on the vision of the beautiful lake.

Tom makes his way safely to the lake and Joe stumbles along the path, hurting himself, never reaching the lake.

Why didn’t Tom make it to the lake, it’s almost counterintuitive, he set his intention on safely walking the path, but his attention was not on his path, it was on his distant goal.

Where in our lives do we do this? Where do we spend our time thinking about the future but not putting our attention on the steps it takes to get there?

Meditation trains our mind to be able to pull back from the future and stay in the present moment. Meditation helps us put our attention on the here and now and our intention on the longer vision.

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