About Monique

In 2010 Ayurveda found me.
It was years in coming.
I’ve always worked but never found something I really loved.
At one point I was working with seniors and their families arranging in home care.  It really struck me that these folks, many of them not really that old, needed a lot of care just because they didn’t take care of themselves when they were younger.
And truthfully, it scared me a bit.
Yes, my husband and I are religious about our yoga, but I knew there was something missing.
Then the universe walked by and said hey, come to this Intro to Ayurveda workshop, so I did.
When I got home, I told my husband what I wanted to be when I grow up, an Ayurvedic Practitioner!
So yes, there was something missing, but I found it and I’m so grateful I did.
After three years of training my head was spinning and there were times I had doubts, big doubts if this was all going to work out.
Then at the perfect time the universe told the company I was working for to move someplace else.
And I listened when the universe said just get with it, start your company, live your dream, and I did.
Now years later I’ve created all these Ayurvedic inspired products you see in my store.
Sometimes it’s a bit weird, I wake up in the morning with inspiration to create something. And it just comes.
It’s not perfect, it still takes many tries to get it just right. Some of my products I’ve worked on for  months till I was sure.
And I promise that none of my friends have been harmed in my experiments!
What else can I tell you about me…
When I first started, my husband said I could charge more for some of my products. He’s a marketing guy, thankfully these days he’s MY marketing guy.
Thank goodness he gets me, sometimes I’m not the easiest person in the world to work with.
Jeepers, how much are you supposed to share in the About Us section…
But it’s not who I am.
Don’t get me wrong, we are making a profit, it’s business.
I’m just saying that providing a superior product that really works doesn’t have to cost someone a ton of money.
That picture you see of me in my herb garden is very nice, but the real me is in my production area in yoga pants (where was the world without yoga pants, I live in mine!). 
We buy all our ingredients from suppliers here in the US. The best suppliers with great products who have missions bigger than themselves, and I trust them.
We could go and spend a lot of money on very fancy jars and bottles and charge you more, but we don’t.
I’m kind of frugal, I buy quality, because in the long run that’s how to save money.
And I really like our cobalt blue bottle product image, to me it represents quality with a purpose and looks great! I hope you agree.
Our hope is that you’ll reuse these very pretty glass jars and bottles.
The jars are great for packing things when you travel, like vitamins, or small amounts of shampoo.
If you’re into essential oils, you can use the bottles for your own concoctions or fill them with water to spray your succulents.
Our Mission
Promoting wellness using the philosophy of Ayurveda.
Balancing body, mind, and spirit to attain optimal health.
Namaste, Monique

More about me 

Graduate of the Ayurvedic Practitioner program from the Bhavana Institute.nama-logo.jpg

Advanced training in Marma body treatments from the Ayurvedic Institute, SVA Ayurveda, and Yogsadhna. 

Professional member of NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) and the Ayurvedic Institute. 

Author of a weekly newsletter which lifts people’s spirits with an inspirational quote and provides Ayurvedic tips on health and recipes.