About Jim


Who am I?

I think of myself as a successful product of corporate America. I spent 29 years in the telecom industry and use what I learned every day.

Even though I first started meditating in 1976 to help me study for my engineering exams, it wasn’t until my later years in the corporate world when I adopted a daily practice.

And since leaving I’ve had a chance to reflect, I see those last years were much different, more satisfying, more collaborative, more creative and a bit less stressful.
I was fortunate to discover davidji and what appealed to me was that he taught there are many ways to meditate, many paths to Rome, and they’ll all get you there. And davidji taught me how to share these ancient teachings in a modern way.
These days I share what I know about meditation and learn from everyone I connect with.
Some folks say I teach meditation classes but in fact we talk about the nature of our reality, what holds us back and what propels us forward, our dharma.
We talk about stress, acceptance, goals, relationships, sleep, impact, attention, abundance, purpose, there is no shortage of topics.
And we practice meditation techniques you can take with you to start the trajectory of your day, to calm you before a presentation, to clear you before you greet your family when you get home, to be able to shrug off a crazy driver on I-90, even ways to help you sleep.
I also work for my wife Monique who says I’m “repurposed” to manage her holistic healthcare product company, Essential Ayurveda.
I like it, it keeps my brain in tech and I take care of the website, social media, marketing, writing and the dishes.


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