• Cleanse-and-Clear-Mister-4oz-Essential-Ayurveda

    Cleanse & Clear Mister | 4oz

    As a Yoga teacher I really want my students to feel light and uplifted when they enter the studio.We all respond to the energy of our environment so I use Cleanse & Clear before every class.I...
  • Essential Ayurveda Chakra Barn Wood Display Holder Essential Ayurveda Chakra Barn Wood Display Holder (Scents not Included)

    Barn Wood Chakra Scent Stand

    A perfect display for all your Chakra Balancing Scents.Each display stand is unique, one of a kind, and handmade from reclaimed Illinois barn wood. Please note that the display stand you receive...
  • Bare-Restoring-Lip-Balm-Ayurveda

    Bare Restoring Lip Balm | .15 oz

    It is so hard to find a Lip Balm that doesn't have Essential Oils.My lips are especially sensitive to the floral and fruity aromas in nearly all Lip Balms.Most people aren't aware that the ultra-thin...
  • Essential Ayurveda Consultation

    Introductory Dosha Consultation

    This is a one-hour discussion where you discover your Dosha and chat about Ayurvedic recommendations to keep in your Dosha in balance.60-minute Consultation To book your appointment email Monique at...
  • On Sale
    Beard-Balm-Essential-Ayurveda Beard-Balm-Open-Essential-Ayurveda

    Beard Balm | 2 oz

    Now: $9.00
    Was: $15.00
    I'm a corporate guy and I like a bigger beard but when I go out for drinks I don’t like to look like scruffy.Using the Beard Balm keeps some shape to my beard so I don’t have to trim it...
  • On Sale
    3-Clay-Herbal-Facial-Mask-2oz-Essential-Ayurveda 3-Clay-Herbal-Facial-Mask-2oz-Open-Essential-Ayurveda

    3 Clay Herbal Facial Mask | 2 oz

    Now: $9.00
    Was: $14.00
    Sometimes no matter how careful I am I get blemishes. It really bothers me because darn it, I'm not a teenager anymore! I love this clay mask, the next morning when I look in the mirror my face is...
  • Let-It-Be-Mister-4oz-Essential-Ayurveda

    Let It Be Mister 4oz

    OMG, I'm freaking out, I have 50 million things to do and I don't know how it's all going to happen.I need something to calm my anxiety so I can get stuff done so I'm not running around like a...